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 Limited Quantity Release

 BATTLEPACK™ Pro Edition (For Xbox™ One 1708, 1537, & 1697 controllers only)



Stick Shields

eeProtect from wear and tear on analog sticks and reduce drift

Sticks_No shields.png

Trigger Stops

wwPrecise stop mechanism for improved hair trigger response

Trigger Stops_Off.png
Trigger Stops_On.png
Action Buttons_None.png
Action Buttons_Four.png

Adds four back action buttons

Map any of the 16 controllerMapodMap any of the 16 controller functions to the action buttons

Ergonomic Design

wwwwStrategic button height and placement reduces strain and enhances comfort

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Macro Free Device Ready For Competition

The BATTLEPACK™ Pro Edition is designed to maximize your controller POTENTIAL. It provides the gamer with a true competitive upgrade system for their standard XBOX® controller. Paving the enthusiast path with a MACRO FREE design meant for tournament play. No mods here, just the FASTEST back button mapping system available.

Pro Design BATTLEPACK.png

Pro Design

`01Everything has been raised to the next level to give you the COMPETITIVE edge.  A premium finish provides an added level of comfort while ensuring you don't lose your grip.  Button height and placement is tuned for the best ergonomics with rapid response buttons allowing you to strike FIRST.  Trigger Stops prevent any wasted motion and Stick Shields prolong the life of the analog sticks by REDUCING drift.  A storage case for your Pro Upgraded controller is also included to safely get your BATTLEPACK™ to your next competition.